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Before starting work, we ask customers to answer a couple of questions

Your answers are the best business request for us. Based on them, we will understand how we can be useful: we will collect information and prepare for the meeting. So our first conversation will be substantive. And if we see that we cannot help, we will advise suitable partners.
Every day we receives many requests across all communication channels. Letters with your answers we take to work in the first place.
1. What do you do?
Tell us about your company. How do you work, what do you earn? Who are your competitors? How do you differ from them?
2. What is your task?
What type of project? How do you plan to achieve your goals? What is stopping you?
3. How do you see the solution to the problem?
How do you plan to achieve your goals? What solutions have you tried before?
4. What are your expectations for the result?
In what form do you want to see the solution to your problem? What time period for integration? Why is it important? What should it look like?
5. How much money do you plan to spend
What is your budget? Why are you ready to spend just such an amount?
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