Custom web application development

ESTÉN Tech's core business is custom web application development. We help startups, small and medium-sized companies successfully launch online services, e-commerce products, corporate systems, management and automation tools. We create flexible and customized CMS solutions for news and media publications.

Custom development is used in cases where ready-made solutions do not meet the requirements, existing experience and business processes of the company, or the costs of purchasing, revising and licensing maintenance of a suitable product significantly exceed the expected economic effect. Deep design work is standard practice at ESTÉN Tech.

We follow the principle of honesty and want to be sure that we can effectively solve the task and will be useful for your business.

Quality assurance

We ensure high quality through automated and manual testing. We use error and performance monitoring systems.

Continuous Integration

Automated build, test run, and delivery enable you to instantly identify bugs and continually release new versions of your applications.

Technical support

Comprehensive technical support and maintenance of web applications: optimization, modernization, redesign, monitoring.