Design of Aleox Investment visual identity

ESTEN worked on the design of Aleox Investment’s new visual identity. Aleox Investment is a real estate investor with an expertise in the management and leasing of commercial spaces. It is a family enterprise headed by Julia Kiylo and Carlos Gosalbez.

Founded in 2006, the company never had a visual identity before. And for good reason: Aleox Investment never needed to communicate to the general public.

However in today’s rapidly evolving real estate sector, brand image has become the key differentiator in the larger competitive landscape. To stay relevant in this context, Aleox Investment felt the need to consolidate its brand image through a strong visual identity.

To respond to this need, we provided the brand with a logotype and brand identity guidelines. The objective was to develop Aleox lnvestments’s brand story: the values it embodies, the personalities who run it. Given the dearth of previous communication materials, we had to identify the symbolic characteristics of Aleox Investment.

For the brand, the competitive aspect of business is balanced by humanist and responsible values.

Concept of the new Aleox Investment's brand

The focus is on two curved lines that describe the trajectory of flexible profits. The lines also conveys discreet and sophisticated power. The geometrical construction of the emblem evokes the architectural ambience of Art Deco and hints at the progression.

The logotype conveys a competitive and professional environment. Composed with a sans-serif typeface, the typography also builds geometric forms and contrast. While having a sharp appearance, it nevertheless retains the idea of openness in the treatment of the letterforms.

15 years after its creation, Aleox Investment has for the first time a brand image. As a guarantee of the founding values of its success, this visual identity embodies the vision and ambition of a family company specializing in the constitution and management of real estate asset portfolios. ESTEN advised the Aleox Investment for the creation of its brand territory, its logotype, its graphic charter, as well as for the creation of its new communication supports.